• Air Compressors from 100-580 psi Air Cooled

    Pressure Range: 100-6000 psi (5.8-164.6 SCFM)
    Medium: Air, Nitrogen, Helium, Natural Gas, Bio-Methane

  • Sauer WP6305 Compressor

    Pressure Range: 150-7000 psi (27-480 SCFM)
    Medium: Air, Nitrogen, Helium, Natural Gas, Bio-Methane

  • Sauer WP101LON Compressor

    With the new oil-free Harmattan series, Sauer is striking new paths in compressor technology by releasing the very first series that operates completely without oil lubrication. The design concept is based on a real boxer design involving many advantages that will positively distinguish the Harmatten series from all other compressor lines on the market. This new series will pave the way into industries such as medical technology, pharmaceutics, electronics and food production, where oil-free compressors have become the industry standard.

  • Sauer WP311L Booster

    With more than 70 years of innovative design, Sauer Gas Compressors have long convinced customers of their worth in numerous fields of application for process engineering that requires high quality compressed gas or air. Experience and know-how make it possible as well as individually designed compressor packages. Today we offer 3- and 4-stage gas compressors for up to 7250 PSI in an extensive, and standardized, product range.

  • WP4341-200-He

    Sauer Compressors USA is committed to the highest standards of quality, dependability and customer support.  Rated for continuous duty, all of our compressors have been field tested in the most demanding applications and extensively refined to provide true 24/7 reliability. We can support our customers from design, to installation, and throughout the life of the compressor.

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