With the new oil-free Harmattan series, Sauer is striking new paths in compressor technology by releasing the very first series that operates completely without oil lubrication. The design concept is based on a real boxer design involving many advantages that will positively distinguish the Harmatten series from all other compressor lines on the market. This new series will pave the way into industries such as medical technology, pharmaceutics, electronics and food production, where oil-free compressors have become the industry standard.

Unit of Measure

Quick Reference Specifications

Operating Pressure Range

N/A 145 to 217 psi

Flow Rate

N/A 38 to 39.4 SCFM

Required Power

N/A 15 to 16 hp


N/A 2/2

Full Specifications

WP65LOM Data Sheet

Package Includes


  • Air intake and silencing filters
  • Intercoolers and aftercooler                               
  • Separators
  • Safety valve after each stage
  • Pressure gauges
  • Solenoid valves (115 V / 60 Hz) for automatic drainage of the separators 
  • Unloaded starting relief and automatic condensate drain system
  • Condensate demister to easily dispose of condensate drainage
  • Assembly of compressor and electric motor
  • Resilient mounts including drainage hoses and air/gas outlet hose
  • 460/3/60 electric motor with IP 55 (TEFC) protection
  • Non-return valve mounted to air/gas outlet hose                                                                          
  • High air/gas temperature shutdown switch mounted at the air/gas outlet of the compressor
  • Compressor control system (including motor starter) for starting/stopping the compressor, and monitoring the air/gas outlet temperature and outlet pressure of the compressor
  • Complete package wired and mounted on a skid
  • Air/gas pressure sensor for automatic start/stop (supplied loose)


Standard warranty is 15 months from date of shipment or 12 months after initial installation and start-up, whichever comes first. Ask your Sauer USA representative if your project requires an extended or alternative warranty period.

Optional Equipment


  • Final receiver packages with the necessary components supplied
  • Diesel motor driven
  • Modified for 50 Hz power supply
  • Modified for gas compression and higher inlet pressures (>4.5 psig)
  • Customized controls for user specified monitoring and operation
  • Final air/gas filtration with varying levels of air/gas quality
  • Sound dampening canopy
  • Weather resistant canopy
  • Complete package rated for installation in a hazardous location (Class 1 Division 2, or Class 1 Division 1)


Sauer Compressors USA custom engineers solutions for our customers. Please inquire about options you may require which are not listed.