The industrial market has very specific demands. The new WP6000 meets those demands with turn-key water-cooled compressor packages that provide air or gas for your project. With up to six-cylinders, the WP6000 booster has a flexible design that can be customized to meet your exact specifications. Based upon Sauer’s vast experience with robust Warship compressors for the World’s Navies, the water-cooled WP6000 can be readily adapted using any combination of cylinders, or compression stages, to meet the precise requirement for flow and pressure.


  • Proven concentric valves from Sauer’s existing MP and HP product range in all stages.
  • Identical piston diameter in LP stages and HP crosshead guides for maximum flexibility. Cylinder, cylinder heads and coolers can be dismantled separately to ease maintenance and repair.
  • Pressure tight crankcase up to 290 psi.
  • Integrated flexible coupling and direct-drive for high reliability and low maintenance.
  • Pressure oil lubrication and 3-layer slide bearing for high sturdiness.
  • Low maintenance with the piston pin guided in a slide bearing.
  • Individual coolers for each cylinder/stage provide optimal cooling for all parts in the compression process.
  • Liners and wearing parts from Sauer established product range for cost and highest reliability.
Unit of Measure



N/A 2 or 3 Stages 4/6


N/A WP6442, WP6305

Operating Pressure Range

N/A 200 to 7250 psi

Required Power

N/A 150 to 290 hp

Flow Rate

N/A 230 to 518 SCFM